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Joy Shannon

Music, Magic, Art: Ritual Tattoos and More

Triple Goddess Tattoos is the tattoo work by painter, printmaker, and musician Joy Shannon. Joy named her practice after the symbol she tattooed the most within her first year of tattooing: the pagan symbol for the phases of the moon and the sacred phases of the woman’s life (the maiden, mother, and crone). From intricate Celtic and Nordic knotwork to ritual tattoos, she brings deep creativity and genuine love to all of her tattoos.

Joy apprenticed with renowned tattoo and graffiti artist Mike Giant, who continues to be a creative mentor in her artistic career. Her focus in tattooing is blackwork and esoteric themes, mirroring the line contours of her printmaking work and the mythological subject matter of her watercolor illustrations. Additionally, Joy has been deeply influenced by her work with the artists like Kai Uwe Faust at the Danish tattoo shop Kunsten På Kroppen, which specializes in ritualistic tattoos in the ancient Nordic style.

Along with traditional tattoo sessions, Joy is honored to offer ritual tattoos charged with intention, reiki healing energy work, and tarot readings upon request. Through these means, Joy transforms your tattoo into a sacred symbol and helps you get in tune with the universe during your session.
Seeking to combine the sacred ritual history of tattooing with the essence of her art style, Joy facilitates tattoo sessions with sensitivity to the energy exchange that occurs between client and tattooer.

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