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530 E Broadway

Long Beach, CA 90802 


Thank you for your interest in Paper Crane Studio. To get started on a consultation, please send an email to Please allow 24-48 hours for a reply. 

Sample Email:

  • Name: J. Smith 

  • Tattoo idea: dragon/cherry blossoms

  • Placement: Right forearm

  • Size: 4x6/sleeve—artist’s discretion

  • Preferred artist: First available, Mikey, Joy

  • Budget: $1,200/no budget ceiling

  • Reference pics attached. 


Please note that while we can use tattoo pictures for inspiration/style reference, we will not directly copy another artist’s work and may need additional references photos. We appreciate screenshots of tattoos from our own artists to help understand what style you’re interested in!


If you are on a strict schedule, please text 562-221-7856 directly. Artists typically book a week to several weeks in advance, but we do have exceptions to this.


Due to the unprecedented demand for tattoos after the COVID-19 closure, all of our artists are working through a high-volume of requests. We appreciate your patience when we get you scheduled for your tattoo appointment, as this allows us the design time we need to create your piece.