Expert Artists, Genuine Care, Authentic Art

Centrally located in Long Beach, California, Paper Crane Studio offers custom tattoo work that authentically tells your story. Founder Mikey Vigilante and his industry-leading artists provide outstanding service through raw talent, genuine care, and decades of experience.

Collaborate with our experienced artists to bring your unique vision to life.

Our tattoo artists specialize in an eclectic array of styles, from traditional Japanese designs to avant-garde trends. We are committed to creating meaningful art that provides you with a lifetime of pleasure.

Relax in our welcoming studio—and be yourself.

In addition to providing the highest quality black-and-grey and full-color work in the industry, we pride ourselves on unsurpassed customer service. Whether you are commemorating a milestone or covering up a surgical scar, we will go to any length to ensure that your experience is comfortable, synergistic, and memorable.