Artist: Suzanne Shifflett

Grace Chun

Creating Art, Connecting to Others

Suzanne Shifflett's tattooing career started in 1989 in San Francisco, where she apprenticed with tattoo artist Wayne Bruce Lee. At the time, the tattoo industry was very male dominated, but Suzanne broke boundaries of every kind with her talent--and she continues to do so today.
With a BA in Sculpture and MA in Painting, it's easy to see the fine-art influence in Suzanne's work. She excels at a variety of styles, including book illustrations, animals/wildlife, portraits, and photorealism. Whether in black-and-grey or full color, Suzanne does beautiful work with floral themes and mythical subjects.
"Creating art has given my life meaning and purpose," says Suzanne. "I use it as a way to connect to others. Being a tattooist is a way of connecting. I believe I am a conduit for the self-expression of my clients. I take care in translating my client's visions into a tattoo that they can also be proud of."
Whatever your vision, Suzanne is ready to bring it to life.

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