Why Skincare Matters to Your Tattoos

You already know how critical aftercare is to the final outcome of your tattoo (and if you don’t, we’ve got lots of information to share with you!). But did you know that daily skincare plays a huge role in how your tattoos look? From scrubbing down in the shower to protecting yourself from the sun, you can make the most of your ink with just a little bit of effort.

Proper skincare can keep this tiger sleeve from Mikey Vigilante looking fierce.

(Mikey Vigilante)

Skincare = Exfoliation

If you’ve been diligent about aftercare, you know how great a tattoo looks during those first few weeks. But after time has gone by, some people might notice that their tattoo has started to look a little dull–even though they’ve practiced proper suncare (more on that later!).

Don’t fret: That dullness could be the result of dead skin cells that have built up over time. Because out skin is constantly regenerating, we have cells that die off and need to be shed. These cells can make your skin in general look dull–and it’s especially noticeable on tattoos.

Rinsing off might get you clean, but consider working exfoliation into your skincare routine to see real results. You don’t need any major tools: Just give your fully healed tattoo a good scrub the next time you’re in the shower. You’ll see colors brighten up and black-and-grey/blackwork regain much of its crispness.

Skeletons need skincare, too.

(Jesse Iris)

Contrary to what some believe, exfoliation will not fade a healed tattoo. Tattoo ink is injected into the dermis, and we only deal with our epidermis during the course of normal skincare.

Remember: This is only for healed tattoos! Don’t scrub at a tattoo that’s still peeling!


Skincare = Moisturization

Exfoliation isn’t the only way to tackle dry skin–and aftercare isn’t the only time that moisturization matters.

Once your tattoo is fully healed, moisturization is an important part of daily skincare if you want to keep your art crisp and vibrant. This is especially true of areas that get a lot of exposure to the elements like your hands, arms, feet, or legs. But even a stomach tattoo that’s always covered can benefit from the soothing effects of a good moisturizer.

The top layer of your skin (the stratus corneum) is a network of skin cells, fats, and oils. When you apply a moisturizer, you help the stratus corneum lock in moisture that keeps your skin from drying out or cracking. This means you’re also protecting the dermis from infection by ensuring your epidermis is healthy and whole.

Think of your skin as a living canvas. When it’s hydrated with the help of a moisturizer, your skin is smoothe to the touch. That means your tattoos have a better surface on which to shine.

We suggest using moisturizers that are free of chemical irritants to best protect your tattoos. All-natural options are typically our favorite!.

Skincare = Suncare

We can’t talk about suncare enough when it comes to tattoos. If you want to prevent fading, you absolutely must use sunscreen or protective clothing with built-in SPF.

Suncare is part of skincare.

(Lindsey Morehead)

An easy way to be sure you protect your tattoos is to make suncare a step in your daily skincare routine. Many moisturizers include SPF, so you can always just apply one of these to your tattoos when you start your day. If you’re going to be out in direct sunlight, consider sunscreen as an additional step to keeping your tattoos looking great.


Proper Skincare = Radiance

If you’re free of skin conditions that require special medication or attention, proper skincare in and of itself can make a huge difference in your overall glow. Washing your skin gets rid of pollutants and irritants that build up throughout the day, as well as those dead skin cells that can cause itching and redness. Moisturization can prevent infections that can destroy your tattoos, simply by keeping your epidermis from developing fissures that let in bacteria. A little bit of sun protection can help you avoid a nasty sunburn that ends with blistering and peeling (which can in turn lead to infection or color loss).

Again, your skin is a canvas. When it’s healthy and happy, you’re more likely to avoid irritations like rashes or scaly spots that can impact how your tattoo looks. If your skin is radiant, your tattoos will be, too.

Please note: If you’ve got a condition that causes you to have irritated skin (dryness, hives, etc.), we suggest talking with your doctor about what you can do to help your tattoos look their best if your condition impacts them.

We know your tattoos are your best accessory, so we urge you to take care of them through daily skincare. If you’ve done any damage to your ink, we would love to help you get it looking great again with a touch-up (or even a cover-up if necessary), so get scheduled with us today!

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