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There is nothing quite like the feeling of walking into a tattoo studio, whether for the first or five hundredth time: An electric excitement dances across your soon-to-be-inked skin as you breeze through the door, giddiness and a touch of nervous anticipation fill your stomach, design possibilities flit through your mind. A sense of monumental importance hangs in the air as you prepare to permanently mark your body, akin to ritual. The hum of the tattoo needles is almost like the murmur of prayer.

Embrace the Thrill and the Ritual of Tattooing

At Paper Crane Studio, your excitement is our excitement. We embrace both the thrill and the ritual of the tattoo experience. As an integrated part of the Long Beach community, we strive to welcome all clients into our relaxed atmosphere that is 100% free of pretension, judgment, or intimidation. Whatever you reason for getting a tattoo, we are here to bring your vision to reality. To us, your tattoo is not simply another job: It is a personal, memorable, meaningful experience. Whether you are memorializing a loved one, commemorating an achievement, covering up a surgical scar, or getting a piece that you can’t wait to show off, we look forward to working with you to create a tattoo you’ll love for a lifetime.

Our Tattoo Artists Honor the Past—and Innovate the Future

We respect tattooing as an ancient art, which is why our artists have studied art history and graphic design, worked and taught in multidisciplinary artistic fields, and mentored with industry giants. We are well-versed in traditional styles and methods, which gives us a foundation on which to experiment and innovate. From quiet-running electric rotary machines to advanced numbing sprays to digital drafting programs that help our artists model your design on a picture of your body, we carefully implement the latest industry tools to better serve your needs. Because we are grounded in tattooing’s past while looking forward to the future, we’re able to create art that stands the test of time.

Authentic Art for an Authentic You

“An authentic tattoo is one that is inspired,” says Mikey Vigilante, Paper Crane Studio’s founder, owner, and senior artist. “It is something that is unique to you but is also created in a way that allows your artist to be unique in their creative process.” Guided by that vision, our artists are deeply committed to the art of tattooing in order to provide tattoos and experiences that are outstanding, memorable, comfortable, and—most of all—authentic. Through clear communication and total acceptance, we strive to help you express who you genuinely are through your tattoos. If we can help you feel more like the person you’re meant to be, we are accomplishing our mission to be authentic artists.

Experience Our Passion for Artistic Excellence in the Tattoo Industry

“Founding a studio had been a goal of mine for many years,” Mikey wants our customers to know. His extensive industry experience had led him to the feeling that something was missing at each shop in which he worked. After amassing a significant body of artistic knowledge and tattooing experience, traveling extensively around the world, and discovering a home in Long Beach, Mikey took the leap and founded Paper Crane Studio in 2012. As the owner of his own shop, Mikey wanted to create an environment where customers and artists alike could freely express their passions, both for tattooing and for living. And that is exactly what he has done over the last four years: Our hand-selected team of individuals spends each day turning your passion into art through unmatched talent and expertise. At Paper Crane, we want you to feel completely at home. From collaborative design consultations and extensive aftercare information to our temperature controlled environment and numbing creams, we go to great lengths to ensure that you have an experience that is as much of a joy as your finished tattoo.

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