Long Beach’s Premier Destination for Tattoo Art

We know you’ve got a lot of options in Long Beach for tattoo studios–and that’s one reason why we are so appreciative when you choose us. Whether it’s your first tattoo with us or you’ve gotten a piece by each of our artists, you are an important part of our shop.

Custom tattoos in Long Beach with talented artists and friendly service.

Your Experience Matters

A tattoo is about more than the final product: It’s about the experience you have at a studio, the connection you make with an artist, and the memories you carry with you long after your new art has healed. We strive to ensure that your experience is comfortable and meaningful.

“I can’t say enough about Paper Crane and their staff. I went in this week for my first tattoo ever. A friend of mine was with me and wanted to get her tattoo she already had recolored. Tan and Mikey were ready and willing to help and we made appointments for the next day. Tan was my artist and he took my idea and ran with it and it came out beautifully and the experience was super comfortable and I felt very safe and relaxed. So much so I even got another small one while there. My friends experience was similar and she now knows this is where she’ll be going from now on. Her tattoo looks better now than when she originally got it at another location years ago. I’ve heard this becomes addicting so will see how soon I return.” –Erika K.

“Just got my first tattoo ever done by Justin Tauch. This tattoo studio is very clean and comfortable and all the artists there were friendly and made you feel comfortable. Justin did an amazing job and definitely exceeded my expectations as I did not know what to expect it being my first tattoo. But the whole process was very smooth. I know I picked the right place and I am picky too and wanted it to be perfect. I would recommend this shop to anyone no doubt.” –David A.

“And truly, the overwhelming benefit of having artists that are easy to talk to is that you are going to be happy with the tattoo you are getting. If you’re comfortable communicating what you want, and you’re understanding each other, there’s no reason for you to walk away unhappy. The artists are understanding, and of course, while everything is ultimately your decision, they will be sure to advise in the right direction to ensure your tattoo will be looking great 5, 10, and 15 years from now.” –Kellee N.

Authentic Art in Long Beach

Our tattoo artists are among the best in the industry. We are constantly exploring our craft, whether that means investing in innovative tattooing tools and design technology or pushing our creative limits with new styles and approaches. We specialize in custom tattoos and original art. Many of our artists have flash tattoos available that are 100% original, while every single artist in the studio excels at designing one-of-a-kind pieces based on your unique vision.

“I had a very positive experience and great outcome from my first appointment at this particular shop. Owner Mikey V reworked a 25-year-old medium-sized praying mantis shoulder piece which was first inked in by the late John Joyes. The tattoo had faded significantly over the last couple of decades. I think Mikey V came up with the perfect solution to fix it and I like it much better than the original… The healing process went much smoother this time, too. I gave Mikey V complete creative control over this project and I’m a firm believer in trusting the artist. My best advice is ‘Listen to your tattoo artist.’ Mikey V has staffed this shop with artists specializing in various styles. If you have a concept in mind, then you will be paired up with the artist who has a style that best fits your concept.” –David R.

“I got my tattoo from Triple Goddess (Joy) here! She was so amazing. She gave me exactly what I wanted. I came in not knowing exactly what I wanted but during my appointment I feel like she helped me find out! I came in with a few scattered ideas and she put them all into one piece that I am forever in love with. Very kind staff!” –Nicole E.

We Genuinely Care

We get that a tattoo is incredibly personal. We have experience dealing with difficult pieces–whether that means a memorial tattoo for a loved one or a scar cover-up from a traumatic event. Our artists are welcoming, supportive,and sensitive. It’s an honor for us to be part of your journey at any stage, both when it’s fun and when it’s rocky.

“My Golden Retriever Logan passed away recently and I decided to get my first tattoo in remembrance of him. I decided to do just a simple paw print tattoo. Wanted to get my tattoo done in Long Beach as California was what my dog knew and loved. After doing a little research I decided upon Paper Crane. Mikey was awesome to work with. Not only was he sensitive to the situation, he was very upbeat and patient. The studio is inviting, clean and the staff is professional. Would highly recommend without hesitation. I plan on visiting again my next visit. Exactly what I wanted. Thank you.” –Scott D.

“Paper Crane is seriously the best tattoo shop I’ve ever experienced, and I’ve experienced quite a few. The entire staff is friendly, nice, professional, welcoming, and most importantly, non-judgmental. The shop itself is in a great location and very clean and also welcoming.” –Kristin F.

Big or Small, We Do It All in Long Beach

We know that many studios have an elite vibe that can make you feel you don’t belong for one reason or another–but at Paper Crane, you are absolutely welcome. You want a micro tattoo of a circle? Got it. A nouveau art rendition of Princess Peach? Let’s make it happen. Matching martini glasses with your best friends? On it. Whether it’s cute and fun, serious and artsy, soft and beautiful, or frighteningly bad ass, we welcome you to bring your favorite tattoo ideas to our Long Beach studio.

“From start to finish – a class act. Having dealt with other tattoo artist studios, this place is head and shoulders above the rest. They place the clients’ wishes and satisfaction above their own egos, which cannot be said about other establishments. Tan provided my girlfriend and myself with matching tattoos that were EXACTLY what we had envisioned. Their cleanliness, preparation, attention to detail, follow through and follow up, are professional, VERY fair in price, and worth whatever it takes to get there. Everyone was friendly, positive, and relaxed. This was an amazing experience, and i WILL be back again.” –Robert D.

“I’ve typically only been tattoo’d by close friends. This time however, my besty friends and business partners picked this local joint to go get our company logo tattoos, and I couldn’t have felt more comfortable. Very clean, very classy, private, professional establishment with high quality execution. I am hard to please and 100% satisfied.” –Booky C.

“I recently returned to Paper Crane to get a custom piece done by Mikey. I was able to get in for a consultation pretty quickly and I got the piece done just a few weeks after the consultation. The process was really smooth and when I went in for the consultation everyone who was there was really nice. The consultation was great because Mikey was able to give me some advice and really help me figure out what I wanted. I later emailed him and asked if he would be able to fit my mom in as well for us to get matching tattoos and he had no problem with it. The artwork he created was absolutely amazing; I am in love with it.” –Ashley D.

We’re so glad to have you at our shop, whether it’s just once or often, and we’re proud to be a historical part of the Long Beach tattooing scene. Speaking of history, be sure to check out next month’s blog where we’ll be looking at Long Beach’s storied relationship with tattooing!

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