Long Beach Friday the 13th Flash Tattoos

Friday the 13th is upon us! We hope you’re as excited as we are for this awesome event.

Flash sheet by Lindsey Morehead

(Flash sheet by Lindsey Morehead)

This time around, we will be offering both $40 and $130 designs. Some are in color, others blackwork or black-and-grey.

We’ve posted our full general guidelines for you to check out for easy reference. You can also hop on our social media for sneak peeks and info.

One special note: We get a lot of requests for past flash, but we won’t be able to accommodate you if you’re looking to get a design from a previous event . You can come in any other day to get a flash design for $100, though, which is still a great deal!

(Flash designs by Tan Vo)

We hope to see you this Friday the 13th in Long Beach!

(Flash sheet by Joy Shannon)