COVID Tattooing Protocols: Keeping Everyone Safe

At Paper Crane, our top priority is safety. This has always been the case, even before the COVID crisis: Tattooing requires a specialized level of care to ensure we all stay well while creating beautiful art. That’s why we undergo blood-born pathogen training, use disposal tools, and follow strict sanitation protocols.

COVID tattooing protocols have been updated so we can create beautiful tattoos while keeping you safe.

COVID Tattooing Updates

In light of the unique nature of the current pandemic, we have adapted and updated our protocols in order to protect our clients, artists, and families: • We have installed hospital-grade air purifiers in both of our tattooing rooms. Each purifier features a six-stage filtration system that traps bacteria and particles that carry viruses. The air volume of each room is fully cycled every thirty minutes. • Before opening each day, we are sanitizing the studio. Light switches, door handles, tattooing surfaces, electronic equipment, chairs, etc. all receive a thorough wipe-down with a virucidal disinfectant. This is similar to our standard routine, but with increased frequency and detail. • At the door, we are checking temperatures of both artists and clients with a no-touch thermometer. If anyone has even a slight fever, we are not allowing entry. • We are asking clients to wash their hands upon entry and only touch surfaces that are necessary to have contact with. We are directing clients to hang their personal items on designated hooks. If you have your phone out, we request that you wipe it down with a alcohol wipe that we will happily provide. • Clients are requested to come alone to their appointments. No friends or family are allowed in the lobby or tattoo rooms. • Artists are wearing protective gear, including masks an/or or a full face shield. This is in addition to the usual disposable gloves and other necessary PPE. • Clients are required to wear masks, which we ask them to bring themselves. • After each session, we are repeating our sanitation protocol.

Temporary Capacity Limitations

We are also taking steps to limit your exposure during your time at the studio. You can have peace of mind thanks to the following: • For the foreseeable future, we are not accepting walk-ins. • We are limiting the number of clients and artists in the studio at any given time. • We are enforcing strict social distancing and limiting cross-traffic.

COVID Tattooing Deposit + Rescheduling Policy

• If you have been exposed to anyone with symptoms or shown symptoms yourself within the last two weeks, we are allowing reschedules without the loss of your deposit. Please give your artist as much notice as possible. • If an artist has been exposed to anyone with symptoms or shown symptoms themselves within the last two weeks, we will contact you for a reschedule. We appreciate your understanding if this occurs. • When you leave a deposit, it is with the individual artist. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your artist directly. If you can’t reach your artist, please contact the studio.

Please note that while we are excited to tattoo you, safety is our priority now and always. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who does not adhere to our guidelines.

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