Best of Instagram Vol. 5: Beautiful Tattoos in Long Beach

At Paper Crane, we get to create some of the most beautiful tattoos in the industry on a daily basis. That’s why we are featuring work from all of our artists on this special edition of our social media spotlight!

Owen Juarez specializes in Irezumi-style tattoos but also enjoys working with cultural themes from around the world. This particular piece is striking for both its bold color and flattering placement.

We’re still recovering from Game of Thrones. Many of our artists have created beautiful tattoos honoring the series, each in their unique style. We are especially in love with this one by Lindsey Morehead.

Tan Vo does incredible traditional tattoos, whether you are interested in floral work or a mythological creature. This foo dog has our vote for both its fluid composition and pleasing palette.

If you are interested in illustrative work, Justin Tauch does beautiful tattoos in this style. He especially loves nautical and natural themes, but he also enjoys creating tattoos that pay tribute to fan favorites. This Over the Garden Wall sleeve is a great example of his recent work.

Suzanne Shifflett is another artist at our studio with a flair for illustrative tattoos. She enjoys both black-and-grey and full color, with carefully rendered details that speak to her fine-art background. This hummingbird looks ready to take flight!

Tattoo apprentice Jackie Siu makes Paper Crane proud with her beautiful tattoos, from classic designs to thematic originals. We are all about this unique piece she created for a client this month.

Have you checked out Joy Shannon’s ritual tattoo work? This amazing offering provides clients with the opportunity to explore a more spiritual side of tattooing. We can’t wait to see more progress from Joy on this Medusa portrait.

Sof PMA delights us on a regular basis with her whimsical work. We love both her realism and her cartoon creations, but this traditional piece captures everything we love about nautical tattoos.

You can often find available designs on our story from Jesse Iris. These little lovebirds highlight his penchant for both floral designs and animal tattoos.

If anyone knows the way to Neverland, it’s the incredible Jade Quail. Her beautiful tattoos always enchant the imagination–and this Disney piece is no exception!

Rounding out our special installment of the Best of Instagram are these majestic koi from founding artist Mikey Vigilante. Cover-up work can be challenging, but Mikey excels at seamless transformations, as shown by this piece.

Thanks for joining us for a look at the beautiful tattoos are artists have been working on in Long Beach. Message us today to get started on your next piece at Paper Crane Studio.