Best of Instagram: Vol. 3

2019 is off to a fabulous start at Paper Crane! We have been tattooing some beautiful pieces in a wide array of styles–and we’ve curated a collection of our favorites to share with you from our social media.

Best of Instagram lion from Tan Vo--fierce!

Tan Vo is a highly versatile artist who trained under Mikey Vigilante. He created this stunning lion in a mixed style that incorporates mandala work with a painterly approach. Talk about fierce!

Ganesha back tattoo by Mikey Vigilante, an Instagram favorite.

Speaking of shop founder Mikey Vigilante, we are crazy about this back piece he is continuing to make progress on. The bright colors and intricate details make this a particularly stunning tattoo.

Hand puppet shadow from Jesse Iris.

We’re throwing it back to December for this hand-puppet shadow from Jesse Iris. Jesse often has original flash designs available on our social media, so keep an eye out to find your next tattoo.

Dog portrait by Suzanne Shifflett, seen on our social media!

It’s always an honor to memorialize someone’s beloved pet. This soulful dog portrait is by Suzanne Shifflett–and she’d love to tattoo more animals, so message us today to get scheduled with her!

Snake and floral tattoo by Justin Tauch.

We’ll wrap up this animal-themed installment with a lovely serpent from Justin Tauch. His illustrative style is always striking, whether he’s working with traditional elements or bringing something one-of-a-kind to life.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this peek at our social media favorites! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more work from our incredible team of tattooists.

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