Best of Instagram: Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween from Paper Crane! For this month’s “Best of Instagram” feature, we are pleased to present you with some of our most spooktacular tattoos from October. But be warned: These pieces are so good it’s scary!

Jade Quail is the mastermind behind this dapper pair of skeletons. We love the details that give you a real sense of these ghouls’ personalities!

Halloween flash sheet by Jackie Siu

Shop apprentice Jackie Siu designed this Halloween flash sheet, which featured special tattoos that were only available through October 31st. If you got one of these, send us a picture so we can share!

Raven by Joy Shannon, just time for Halloween!

Joy Shannon does beautiful tattoos that often draw from mythology. This raven is inspired by the Morrigan, the “phantom queen” of Irish lore. What better animal for Halloween than one associated with a goddess of destiny and death!

Creature from the Black Lagoon tattoo design from Suzanne Shifflett for Halloween

With her fine art background, Suzanne Shifflett elevates movie monsters to new heights. She did an entire sheet of some of cinema’s most classic creatures for Halloween, so pop over to our Instagram to check them out!

Halloween gal by Lindsey Morehead

We can’t let Halloween go by without mentioning Lindsey Morehead. Lindsey did so many adorable tattoos that celebrate the holiday season this year, many of which were limited edition. This might be our favorite of hers yet!

We hope you’ve had a fantastic Halloween with family, friends, and fun! We have gotten to do so many spooky tattoos this year, both from our flash sheets and from ideas our amazing clients brought in, so thank you for making it a frightfully fun month.

If you want to get a Halloween tattoo even though the holiday is over, you can get scheduled with any of our talented artists by visiting our scheduling page. Please note that some tattoo designs were offered on a limited basis–but we would love to create something unique just for you!

Would you like to be featured on our social media? Just email us at with well lit photos and any details about your experience so we can share your art!

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