MIKEY VIGILANTE—Paper Crane Studio Founder/Owner

From Traditional Japanese Designs to Modern Explorations of the Fractal Universe

Mikey Vigilante is the founder, owner, and senior artist of Paper Crane Studio, roles that allow him both to tattoo new clients and to mentor our hand-selected team of artists. 
Mikey has always been a passionate student of the arts. While pursuing a formal arts education at Grand Valley State University in Michigan, he made the decision at nineteen years old to leave school and dedicate himself fully to tattooing. His  unbridled enthusiasm and raw talent have led to nearly two decades of experience in world-renowned tattoo studios, including Kari Barba’s Outer Limits on the Pike in Long Beach, Zulu Tattoo in Los Angeles, and Strange World Tattoo in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
As both a student and an artist, Mikey has a deep love of traditional Japanese tattoos. His extensive study in this field gives him an excellent knowledge base on which to draw from, both in the form of visual references and in parables that reveal universal truths. These truths allow him to evoke great depths of meaning in each piece he tattoos. His love for nature and his insatiable curiosity about the universe continuously lead him to explore our fractal universe and the metaphysical realm. He translates his discoveries by breaking down complex concepts into simple geometric forms.
Mikey returned to school and completed his BA in Art and Design in 2005.





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