Darkly Darling, Sweetly Twisted

A devout student of the human condition, Chelsea Jane finds inspiration in everything around her. She is particularly influenced by nature, animals, mythology, and illustrations, whether modern or historical, local or exotic. 
A Long Beach native, Chelsea first discovered her love of tattooing when she was only six years old while tagging along with her father on a visit to the world-famous Bert Grimm’s. Since getting her start in 2008, she has spent her career working alongside many of her personal heroes as both a student and a colleague. 
Known for her distinctly playful, cute-yet-dark aesthetic, Chelsea specializes in traditional American designs while simultaneously excelling in a wide array of styles. She is a versatile artist with extensive experience in neo-traditional, black-and-grey, and cover-up work. Whether you’re looking to make a statement that’s serious or silly, she will work with you to create a unique piece that you'll cherish for a lifetime. 

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